A few steps from the sea, and from the main services of the city.

The Residence is located 100 meters from the seafront of Tortoreto Lido, in a lucky position that guarantees peace, proximity to the sea and at the same time comfort in reaching all services.

Residence in Tortoreto

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The Beach

Ample beach, carefully cleaned and equipped, allows our guests to enjoy the best stay in Tortoreto.

The beach of Tortoreto Lido in Abruzzo is waiting for you to spend a fantastic beach holiday in Abruzzo.


Tortoreto Baby Friendly

TORTORETO BABY FRIENDLY is a project conceived by the Tortoreto Hoteliers Association to celebrate the natural vocation of the city, ideal place for the stay of the families with children, awarded by a team of specialists with the Pediatric Green Flag (which identifies the best Italian beaches suitable for children) and certified by the Blue Flag of Europe for twenty years.


Tortoreto, Saltarello festival
1st June 2019


Children's pink night in Tortoreto
22th June 2019


Tortoreto, Saltarello festival
On June 1st, in Tortoreto, there will be the Saltarello festival.
An event that aims at the re-enactment of traditional Abruzzo dances and musical forms.
The program opens at 5 pm with the PUPAZZE laboratory to continue with Saltarella Teramana's stage, folk singing, bagpipes, tambourine and barrel organ stage and concludes with a performance by the Maccabbarri group and a concert by the popular saltarello orchestra at 22:00.

Children's pink night
Back to the pink night of children, shows and attractions to entertain the little ones.
On June 22nd the fifth edition of the pink night of children will be held in Tortoreto.
The waterfront becomes a cheerful toy country with shows and attractions to entertain the little ones together with their families.

The Beach

Private Beach

For our guests

Residence Helene has an agreement with the Punto G chalet.

Fine beach, wide and well maintained, with umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs; playground for children, volleyball court, gazebo, hot and cold shower. Large beach, carefully cleaned and equipped, allows our guests to enjoy the best stay in Tortoreto.