Tortoreto Lido

Tortoreto, "the happy island"

Clean sea, shallow waters, fine sand, food and wine culture, tranquility, security…

A city located in the center of Italy, surrounded by greenery, which finds its dimension gently sloping from the ancient village of the upper city, nestled on the hill, up to the lido beach.

Even if the sea caresses it only on one side, Tortoreto is an island. A happy island since Roman times when it took the name of "Castrum Salini", and medieval when it was known as "Turturitus", as told in the year 867, the "Chronica Cassinese" of Marsican lion. The modern name of the city derives from the Latin "Turturetum", which means "place with many turtledoves". It is in fact in these places from the mild climate that the turtledoves had found their "atoll".

In Tortoreto you can already enjoy from the first light of the morning a "therapeutic" atmosphere for the mind and body. Chirps of the most varied tones, an air full of the scent of pittosporum, linden, pine trees and many other fragrant plants. A nature admirably preserved for those seeking wellness in pristine places.

The sea

If Italy is the garden of Europe, Tortoreto is still its happy island.

Tortoreto boasts three kilometers of fine beach, wide and well maintained, flanked by a tree walk with about three thousand palm and pine trees, well kept gardens and cycle paths that run along the entire coast connecting to the nearby centers, are the strengths of the tourist offer, together with the variety and quality of its accommodation, the hospitality of tour operators who have cradled generations of Europeans on holiday, to the bathing establishments that offer diversified activities, to the richness and variety of cultural and sporting events of the highest level, as well as to the numerous clubs and markets that liven up the summer evenings.

The walk

In Tortoreto, progress goes hand in hand with the respect for nature and the protection of historical and cultural heritage. The urban development of the city has always started from the study of the needs of its inhabitants and guests who animate the summer season. The evidence of this love for the city is scattered everywhere. Wide cycle paths that, with their more than twenty kilometers, connect Tortoreto to nearby towns, twenty-five thousand square meters in green public oasis, where you can stop for a moment of reading, cradled from the shade of the palms, playgrounds surrounded by greenery and equipped for the joy of children, where grandparents and grandchildren can play together, fountains of clear water to cool off.

And for those who adore the sea, absolute quality of bathing water attested by over fifty samples that each season are performed, as well as by the Blue Flag achieved for the entire coast of its jurisdiction. All references that make Tortoreto one of the few municipalities in possession of environmental certification ISO 14001 achieved in January 2004. This is much more in favor of the citizen. And in Tortoreto tourists are citizens with full rights.

Sport and Leisure

The concepts of sport and fitness are increasingly associated with the concepts of holidays and leisure time. Tortoreto, in line with the modern trends of the quality tourist offer, offers the possibility to enrich the days of each guest with a infinite range of activities.

Playing soccer, beach volleyball and beach-basket in equipped facilities, play a game of bowls in the modern bowling green covered, play tennis in a multipurpose facility with covered and uncovered fields and attached restaurant, skate with "rollerblades" along the cycle paths, without any fear of crossing cars, tackling mixed paths lido-hill riding the horse or cycling mountain-biking, jogging on the beach or on pedestrian-only roads, windsurfing and all other water activities.

These and many other possibilities are offered to lovers of active holidays. But in Tortoreto it is also possible to follow events of national and international importance of beach volleyball and other beach sports, which have been growing continuously in recent years. Even on vacation, it is impossible not to stay in shape.

The village

Going up from the Lido through a bush made up of olive groves and vineyards and after having seen the remains of a Roman villa of the II century. A.C., you get to Tortoreto Alta, a medieval village located at 227 meters. above sea level. A privileged "observatory" from which, thanks to the numerous natural balconies suspended in the void, you can enjoy a unique view of the coast, the valleys of Salinello and the Vibrata and Gran Sasso.

The Historic Center of Tortoreto is a system of small squares, narrow streets, arches and towers characterized by the warm tones of brick and that preserves the structure of the fortified village, which housed in the most high up in the city the local nobility, while today it is home to the Town Hall and some important cultural events.

A walk in the quiet and coolness of the Old Town allows you to discover enchanting corners and admire testimonies of the past: the Clock Tower, the Tower, the Bridge with its vaults (testify the castle di Tortoreto), the Church of S. Agostino ("600), the Churches of S. Nicola and della Misericordia, with the Renaissance frescoes (" 500), painted by Giacomo Bonfini di Patrignone (AP), who was almost certainly a pupil of Pietro Vannucci known as Perugino.